Guest Writers wishes to encourage an active community of individuals who will share their advice, experiences and opinions with one another.

This can be done via the website Forum or by being a guest writer who provides short blogs, features, stories, news items or just pieces about issues that it is considered will be interesting to others. We welcome people sharing their passions, their creativity and their interests, particularly if this can benefit or inspire fellow GBOOMERS.

If you might be interested in being a ‘guest writer’ then please read the following guidelines:

  1. will be happy to accept articles (including blogs) from established authors, experts and other contributors in any field that is relevant to the age group. If you wish to become a ‘guest writer’ with then you agree to contribute a minimum of one article every two months.
  2. There are no boundaries in relation to the subject matter covered as long as it has resonance with fellow gboomers; it could be baking, gardening, maintaining friendships, the demands placed on you as a grandparent, or the practicalities of working beyond retirement age. We are particularly keen on “practical tips”! We do not wish to be party political – there are plenty of other avenues to follow if this is where your interests lie. Please send us an overview of what area of interests you would wish to cover, together with (a) an initial (draft) article, and (b) an outline of the sorts of topics you think future articles might cover. We will look at this and then get back to you.
  3. Writing articles is very much a question of personal style, but we would ask that you try and make what is written as engaging as possible. Content should be your own work, and any references must be appropriately cited. You must ensure that there are no breaches of copyright, wherever this is applicable, and this would be your sole responsibility. Any articles should not breach the law by being racist, discriminatory or similar.
  4. Articles should have a minimum of 150 words and a maximum of 700 (although articles with more words can be accepted with prior agreement). will not provide remuneration for such articles, which are provided free to the website by the author. Accordingly, a ‘guest writer’ is not an employee, or employed or paid by
  5. reserves the right to add our own links or advertisements to any submitted articles, given that this is one way in which we generate the income necessary to maintain the website.
  6. All ‘guest writer’ articles will be considered by the editorial team before posting, and the team reserves the right to edit them where necessary, without seeking the prior agreement of the ‘guest writer’. This would normally only relate to the text and grammar, and would not involve changes to the point or opinion expressed.
  7. The editorial team reserves the right to reject any article that it feels is not appropriate for the website, or suspects that it breaches the law.
  8. By approaching with a view to becoming a ‘guest writer’ (or blogger), a person agrees that they have read these guidelines and agrees to be bound by them.

So if you are interested in becoming a ‘guest writer’ or blogger then please send an email to with the following info:

  • Include “Guest Writing and Blogging” in the subject line of your email
  • Your name, address and email
  • Link to your website / blog (if any)
  • An overview of what area of interests you would wish to cover, plus the information stated in 2(a) and 2(b) above.
  • Confirmation that you have read and agree with the guidelines

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