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I recently received one of those emails from an online organisation that sells tickets to music gigs and festivals (and other events but this email was targeted). The headline band in Hyde Park in 2018 will be The Cure. My favourite group! Unfortunately it clashes very much with an important date in my diary – my son’s wedding! It is a hard choice but I will have to pass on my apologies to Robert Smith and co. Nevertheless, looking further down the email I spotted an advert for Dementia Awareness Fest. What is this I thought and immediately clicked on the link. 

It transpires that Dementia Awareness Fest 2018 is returning “bigger and better in 2018 for its 5th Anniversary with five events across the UK”. The events feature a whole list of bands, and are aimed at giving people a great day whilst at the same time raising money for Dementia UK. Indeed, 100% of any profit made from the shows is donated to Dementia UK.

..Demential Awareness Festival 2018

So far three of the five events have been publicised, and they are spread over the months, as follows:

Giffard Arms, Wolverhampton – Saturday January 20th 2018 @ 5:30pm

Featuring: New Generation Superstars, The Mighty Wraith, Sister Shotgun, Aramantus, Pork & Gunners Law

The Station, Cannock – Saturday March 31st 2018 @ 3:00pm

Featuring: Hell’s Addiction, Falling Red, White Tyger, Reece, Devil’s Revolver, Tear It Down, Tomorrow is Lost

The Roadhouse, Birmingham – Sunday May 27th 2018 @ 3:00pm

Featuring: Stop Stop and special guests Last Great Dreamers plus Iconic Eye, Theia, Sykko Dollz, Torqued , Whore no More and Haxan.

At only £5 per advance ticket (plus fees) it looks like great value, even though I admit that I have never heard of any of the bands. I put this down to the fact that I am a Boomer and still buy CDs for bands from the 1960s through to the 1980s. The nature of their names suggests that they are at the harder end of the musical spectrum! But, despite their names these bands will be full of talented kids who are even younger than my sons – so there is no hope for me. I appreciate that the events are focused in the West Midlands, but that means that it should be straightforward for anyone to get there from anywhere in the country, pretty much.

So if you fancy broadening your auditory horizons all in a good cause then why not get along to one of these gigs, or keep an eye out to see if one of the two further gigs is more local to you? Whatever the case, it is great to see that young musicians and promoters are getting together to support people with dementia. It shows that no matter what your age, you will no doubt be aware of the condition and the need that sufferers need support.

Tickets for Dementia Awareness Fest 2018  gig can be bought from: