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Did you know that people 45 and older, and especially those over 55 are the biggest coffee drinkers? Midlifers and seniors have jumped on the gourmet wagon with gusto. It was, after all, the baby boomer generation that brought specialized and better java to America. Peets began in 1966. Inspired by that enterprise, Starbucks was born five years later.

Seniors may not waltz into Starbucks and ask for “an iced schizo skinny hazel cappuccino with wings.” (That’s a small iced hazelnut with one shot of regular and one of decaf, plus skim milk, to go). But folks congregate there in part because the places are relatively inexpensive hang-outs for long periods with friends. It’s to baby boomers what Dunkin’ Donuts(founded in 1950) or the old supermarket coffee shop became to their aging parents a generation earlier.

…over 55 are the biggest coffee drinkers?

Photograph by Thomas Martinsen via Unsplash

Where does the UK rank in per capita coffee consumption?

Number 44. The top 4 biggest coffee drinkers with over 27.7kg consumed per capita between them are:

1. Finland

2. Norway

3. Iceland

4. Denmark

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