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The First Rule of Casserole Club is… you DO talk about Casserole Club!

The simplest ideas are the best and Casserole Club is one of the best ever.

Here it is…. share the extra portions of your home cooked food (how much do we end up throwing away?) with a neighbour who might not always be able to cook for themselves.

Simple. Beautiful.

Casserole Club has been set up – initially in the South of England but it’s ready to roll out to the rest of the UK – to put potential ‘Club Cooks’ in touch with ‘ Club Diners’.

Casserole Club Diners are predominantly people who live by themselves…

Photograph by Yvonne Lee HarijantoKlang via Unsplash

Casserole Club Cooks are people like you and me, our wives, husbands, partners, friends and neighbours who maybe prepare a home-cooked meal a couple of times a week (nobody’s got time to do more than that have they?) and usually have enough food left over to make another lovely meal.

Casserole Club Diners are predominantly people who live by themselves – many older, older people – who otherwise wouldn’t get a meal cooked with as much love as you cook yours.

Casserole Club began as an exploration into how people could become more actively involved in social care in their own community.  In researching the concept they found that one of the biggest barriers to giving is… time.

We’d all like to give some time to helping but we only have small amounts in our ever busy lives.

Casserole Club  was created to mix those small pockets of time with something people are going to do anyway – cook dinner – people can now fit giving into their lives. And we’re all the better for that.

At Generation Boomer we like to think that we’re part of a community that, while striving to stay as independent, active and healthy as we can, we’re also mindful of people around us, in our communities, who might need a little more help to get a lot more from life.

That’s why we’re delighted to highlight what Casserole Club is all about. You can check it all out at – a brilliant idea that, with your help, can adapt and develop anywhere in the UK and beyond.